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Dryer mesh belt therefore luce in use in the dryer, belt dryer is used widely in particular, mesh belt dryer is big output can choose multi-layer, saving space and power, double drying can be used for a variety of materials, a wide range of application, this has led to the mesh belt dryer to become a professional new subject.

网带烘干机能够分  Net belt dryer can be divided


Several structures: multi-layer mesh drying, single machine drying, downstream drying, one-way emission drying, etc. Environmental protection net belt dryer can be used in many professions, metallurgy, chemical, ceramics, building materials and so on, and it is also the best boring equipment of food and vegetables. The so-called net belt of environmental protection network is to use the steel net as the transmission belt, the carrying materials for the continuous drying of dry equipment, so it is more suitable for running water. If food and vegetables are to be dried, the process of preparing silicon carbide by microwave sintering technology should be prepared. The first conclusion is that the material will be heated and boring after the sintering condition. Carried, material evenly spread in the network by rolling drag devices in the reciprocating motion in the body and boring hot air between the material passing through, the water vapor from the eduction in the platoon is wet hole, and then complete the intention of the boring. The closer you get to the inner level. Environment-friendly net belt dryer can also be used with other types of coal equipment, which may be used alone. Users can make reasonable selection according to their own practice.

Common troubleshooting method of network belt dryer:

The main reasons for the attack of the network belt dryer are the following three aspects:

One is device adjustment, such as roller, rack and rolling copper do not fit the specification requirements.

Second, the location of the outlet of the material is wrong, resulting in the deviation of the net belt. The second is the maintenance aspect, the dust swept on the net belt is not timely, piled up to form part of the diameter becomes large and then the net belt type dryer network.

Three is the mesh belt dryer is the net with the chapter presents the tear funnel is the cause of trouble is too serious wear and tear, and lead to the waste rock and coal falls directly on the Internet with card mesh belt, mesh belt or other items form the tear, it is also possible that mesh belt joint may be due to the load is too big strength is too low because of the load is too ambassador mesh belt joint fracture. If net belt running deviation cause severe blown apart, this is the device itself, such as roller rolling is not flexible, the axis of the automatic drive and driven guide parallelism error is bigger, cylindrical body of cylindricity error is bigger, the axis of the automatic drive and driven to guide parallelism error is bigger.

The net belt type dryer is equipped with an outer insulation system, high thermal power and obvious energy saving. This machine USES the layered blow countercurrent boring, the section control temperature, taking into account the moisture transport characteristics of the vegetables and other materials, the water is even, the dry effect is good. The machine parts touch with materials, selects the stainless steel material, (the dryer mesh belt, high temperature stainless steel mesh belt, mesh belt, mesh belt, mesh belt, Great Wall b mesh belt, metal mesh belt) corrosion resistance is strong, no pollution materials. The machine process is simple, the area is small, the operation overhaul is convenient, the reliability is good. This machine is suitable for meat, potato, carrot, onion, eggplant slices, lobster sauce, onion, tomato, mushroom, candied fruit, chestnut, tea and other agricultural products, as well as traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as sheet, strip, granular materials, such as boring. The material with slow water loss is especially applicable.


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